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Mother's Day Outreach 2019

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

To me, mothers are the strongest people.

They go through the pain of childbirth, raise their family and are sometimes taken for granted. They love and sacrifice so much for their families -both seen and unseen.

The day before Mother’s day 2019, my CG (and Grace) held an outreach to distributed roses and encouraging notes to mothers around Chullora. I was nervous because my leader, Jenny, decided to go door knocking instead of handing out roses at Chullora marketplace. As an introvert that dislikes door knockers, the thought of door knocking myself was incredibly uncomfortable.

But I knew that following Jesus and sharing his love meant getting out of my comfort zone. And yes, as I walked up to the houses around Chullora with Jenny and John, it was incredibly uncomfortable, especially when people were cautious or said no. But some mothers were shocked and moved to hear that we were giving these roses for free!

One man who was gardening encouraged us to go knock on his door as his wife was inside. Although their door has a sign saying ‘no door knockers’, his wife came out right away and was surprised by our random act of kindness. We shared that we were from a local church and wanted to bless the local community and she thanked us for the mother's day gift. Her husband afterwards shared that their granddaughter was born recently so his wife was very tired taking care of her. He appreciated our visit and asked us to come back for Father’s day!

I felt relieved once we were finished. Door knocking wasn’t easy and I celebrated internally every time no one answered the door (we left them a rose outside instead). But the few smiles I saw and conversations I had made it worth getting out of my comfort zone! We really hope that these small gifts encouraged our local mothers and made them feel loved and appreciated for everything they do!

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